One small step toward positive change


Working in a rental company out of old warehouses located in Bezuidenhout Valley, Johannesburg is just part of life for the Gearhouse Group. Over the years the area has become increasingly derelict and for a group of creatives, it can be a little disheartening to see the dirty streets and neglect of the area that the Group has inhabited for at least the past two decades. 

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“Tons” happening at Splitbeam


Splitbeam have been excited of late, as they welcome a further investment in Prolyft AETOS Motors, purchasing 13 x ¼ ton Motors, 40 x ½ Ton Motors and 47 x 1 Ton Motors, as well as 14 x 8-way motor controllers and 3 x 24-way handheld remotes to the Prolyft stockholding.

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Carnival City upgrades audio to L-Acoustics


Chris Pugh, Frans Malatjie, Viera Jafta, Bafana Dube, Alix van der Walt, Thami Mdluli, Richard Smith

Nineteen years ago, Sun International’s Carnival City Casino opened with great fanfare and with the objective to provide round the clock entertainment to the East of Johannesburg. Since then, they’ve never stopped! As time swiftly moved along, the Big Top Arena and Mardi Gras Theatre have staged countless international shows, comedy acts, bands and sporting events. In 2009, the main hangs of the original sound system were replaced by a left/right system of eight L-Acoustics Kudo and two SB28 subwoofers per side, running on the newly released LA8 amplified controllers.

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Joburg Witnesses staging extravaganza with Katy Perry


Renowned American singer and songwriter, Katy Perry recently performed three shows in Johannesburg as a part of her current international tour, titled: Witness: The Tour. The show featured lighting and stage design by some of the leading designers in the world and provided South African audiences with the opportunity to be a part of one of the most ambitiously staged tours of the year.

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A slice of tech life – touring in China


We are on tour in China, for the International show “Chicago”

Our resident Splitbeam technician, Jeff Thomson, shared this with us whilst on his travels.

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New career path for JHB learners opens up at Gearhouse Kentse Mpahlwa Academy


Tumelo Dichabe, Richard Mphofu

Gearhouse’s Kentse Mpahlwa Academy is one of only a few accredited training centres offering a free-of-charge course in Live Event Technical Services to South African youngsters from all walks of life. The initial rigorous interview process reduces hundreds of applicants to an annual intake of around 45 learners each year, who on graduation are fed back into the industry and go on to work in a wide range of fields across the sector.

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‘Tis the season


In lieu of client gifts this year, Gearhouse Group has chosen to get involved with Gift of the Givers - the largest disaster relief organisation of African origin on the African continent. Gearhouse staff in each region will be involved in packing relief food packages for the organisations disaster response initiatives.

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