Spotlight on: Joey Razak


We would like to extend a warm welcome to Joey Razak who recently joined the Gearhouse Group team, as Cape Town’s Branch Manager as of the 1st of November 2019. Joey started his career in the automotive industry with no formal or professional training straight out of Matric and quickly progressed into the live events industry.

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Technically Speaking


The technical side of the live events industry is predominantly male - dominated, you can’t deny that, but that is not an obstacle for women not to thrive. Clea Zolotow says that “obstacles are opportunities in disguise”. Currently, we see a lot of women taking up space and cementing themselves in roles and workspaces that were male dominated. We come a long way as women, and therefore, we need to celebrate the success and contributions that we are making in the technical space.

We sat down with pioneering women of Gearhouse to find out their experiences of working in a male - dominated industry and how they’ve positioned themselves for their various roles.

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LD Robert Grobler on Robe’s RoboSpot


Robert Grobler, senior lighting designer at Gearhouse South Africa, a technical supplier to the live event industry, test drove Robe’s RoboSpots on a few events including gospel singer Benjamin Dube’s latest DVD recording and at Castle Lite Unlocks featuring Post Malone and Meek Mill.

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BIG hair, BIG heart aka INCOGNITO


The English idiom “don’t judge a book by its cover” is a metaphorical phrase that means one shouldn’t prejudge the worth or value of something by its outward appearance alone. Fortunately for Garreth Le Roux, what you see is what you will get. Garreth has big hair and it’s no coincidence that he also has a big heart. At Gearhouse, he is best known as the Audio technician and outside of work, he is a Philanthropist. 

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Gearhouse South Africa Invests in Astera


Gearhouse South Africa (GHSA) became the latest rental company in the country to invest in Astera wireless LED products since leading sales company DWR Distribution was announced as the distributor in June, with the purchase of 48 x Astera AX3 ‘Lightdrops’.

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Our cultural footprint is in embedded in our heritage


September marked heritage month in South Africa and there was no better way to celebrate it than to admire the adversity of culture that forms part of our rainbow nation. Culture is defined as the symbols, language, beliefs, values and artefacts that are part of society. These are the elements that make effective social interaction possible and influences how people conceive of concepts and objects.

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Being the technical sponsor for Mediatech this 2019, we had the opportunity to see what the exhibition held for all our techno savvy individuals. With all the hype that engulfed the prelude to the event, it was great to sit back and watch our team represent the Gearhouse Group in various panel discussions at the Black Box. 

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