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Leading Technical Supplier to the Live Event Industry

We have the widest range of technical services consisting of Lighting, Audio, Audio Visual, Rigging, Structures, Power, Comms, Seating, LED screens or a specialised Sets.


Our primary goal is to host and provide technical products and services that ensure your event is SUCCESSFUL.

Founded in 1991, Gearhouse South Africa began its journey with minimal gear and an abundance of creativity. Over the years, we have amassed the largest inventory of cutting-edge equipment and an unparalleled technical events partnership for South African professionals, while still retaining the imagination that propelled us forward.

With the widest range of technical services currently available under one roof consisting of: Lighting, Audio, Audio Visual, Rigging, Structures, Power, Comms, Seating, LED Screens or a Specialised Set.

With some of the most creative minds in the business,

we will be proud to partner with you in achieving the best possible results for your event regardless of required size or magnitude.



The Gearhouse Lighting rental division closely monitors global trends so that we are always able to offer the latest developments in Lighting technology to our clients. Technology alone is not enough to make your event stand out from the rest. It comes down to the experience and expertise of our Lighting Designers and Operators who bring the event to life through technology and the vision of our clients.

The more spectacular large-scale lighting achievements are what audiences tend to remember about our event lighting, but we know that to subtly enhance a small corporate presentation takes just as much dedication and skill to ensure that no-one remembers the lighting – just the speaker and the message.


Our extensive lighting hire stockholding includes Martin, Robe and Vari*lite fixtures, Grand MA consoles, Avolite Dimmers, TFL and Prolyte Trussing amongst others, allowing us to service any type of event from live Concerts to Conferences, Television, Film and Theatre.


Gearhouse Event Audio Solutions’ rental division holds its own with the best in the world and can meet the most demanding of international riders with a high standard of equipment and skills equally suited to a multi-system outdoor concert or small PA for a conference.

Our Audio rental division stocks a range of high level Line array systems including L’Acoustics K1, K2, KARA, Kudo and V Dosc as well as the more corporate JBL, Meyer and Nexo systems for smaller events. A set of the latest digital mixing systems augments an already comprehensive inventory. The Audio team prides itself on “keeping its ear to the ground” to stay abreast of current trends and developments. Gearhouse Audio is also a proud member of the L’Acoustics Certified Provider network (K Standard) which is comprised of around 650 rental companies worldwide – all of whom share a universal system standard.


Live sound requires a very particular skill set and because of the strong emphasis we place on technical abilities and presentation, the Gearhouse audio crew is constantly in demand. Gearhouse provides dedicated Audio professionals, who are involved from the design phase and able to operate under the most demanding of circumstances to deliver excellent sound quality at any venue of choice.


Both outdoor and indoor events require power solutions which are reliable and consistent, whether from Grid (Eskom) Power or from a Generator. Without Power, your event simply cannot happen and the Gearhouse Power team is fully qualified to take care of this element of the show. Our electrical distribution design ensures that should one section of the reticulation trip, sufficient power will remain operational while the fault is identified, isolated and the tripped section re-energised.

Gearhouse can manage the power and electrical reticulation for the simplest to the most complex of events, when local power is insufficient for the requirements of the event, is unstable, or the proximity of power is a concern; Generator power is often the main power source for the event – especially on outdoor events. Increasingly however, indoor events are now also deploying generators for back up or just in case of a general power outage.


​On installation we will provide a Compliance Certificate that covers the entire power reticulation for safe operation.


Gearhouse Power’s design philosophy is that the “show must go on”.


Staging an event is not a simple exercise. The Gearhouse Staging and Structures team undertakes every assignment with total dedication to stage design, safety and appearance. Whatever the size of the project, Gearhouse Structures applies a consistent level of expertise and workmanship to build the stage you require in any environment or venue, aesthetics are also a key consideration and all our stages are beautifully painted and finished to the clients satisfaction.

Gearhouse stocks the latest in international stage building equipment and has a wide variety of Steel and Aluminium Roofs ranging from 8 meters to 25 meters wide (Stageco /TFL) for hire. We also have more than 5 square kilometres of modular stage decking and over 600m of Steel Crowd Control Barrier. All of our stage roofing systems have been engineered and load tested to ensure total safety at all times. Safety standards for both staging and scaffolding fully comply with both German TUV and the UK B.S. safety specifications.


With the aid of the imported Layher galvanised steel scaffolding system, Gearhouse’ staging crew constructs stages for events that are designed to suit the specific needs of any type of performance you can imagine.


Gearhouse South Africa has embraced the new necessity to drive attendance and hosting of virtual events, we may not be able to come together right now in large numbers but you can still connect with your clients and colleagues.

No matter which platform you are planning to use our team can run them all. Our technical team will be able to advise which platform will be best suited for your event and are able to guide you every step of the way.

​We can run your event in-person to a small live audience while simultaneously streaming it live online, giving you the client endless possibilities on hosting your next in studio or virtual event with us.

Audio Visual

More and more Event Organisers are looking for a memorable Audio-visual Components to make their event stand out from the rest, very often the quality and creativity of the Audio-Visual element on your event is what makes the difference – you have only one opportunity to make a great impression!

Gearhouse AV also offers an array of ITC solutions that merge seamlessly with any event. From online or on-site, we have the expertise for any IT requirement.


​Gearhouse AV engineers understand that sometimes the success of your event – or indeed your reputation – is dependent on a seamless audio-visual integration and they will be there to walk you through the process from conception right through to checking that the presentations are in the right format and managing your multi-layered wide screen playback or complex video mapping.


​We supply, install and operate Audio-Visual hire equipment and will be at your side to make the experience stress free for you… every step of the way.


Gearhouse provides a diversity of set rental and construction services for the live event industry. We manufacture and install modular stock set components as well as custom made sets for exhibitions, staging and events, venues, film and television, point of sale display, corporate communication and brand reinforcement.

​All elements are constructed from high-quality materials and finished superbly by our highly skilled set-building team at Sets Drapes Screens (Pty) Ltd, working from manufacturing facilities in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban.


​Our CNC cutting machinery and spray booths are state-of-the-art and we even have paint facilities to match car paint finishes.


Our range of specialist drapes, velvets, kabuki systems, star cloth, cyclorama and gauzes, backdrops and tab tracks will suit all types of events and budgets.


​Screen rental stock includes a wide range of front and rear projection screens in all sizes to service whatever the vision may be.

LED Screens

We have a substantial stock of the latest, lightweight, outdoor LED screens in both modular and mobile formats for rental via LEDVision(Pty) Ltd. The vivid resolution, high performance and ultra-high brightness of these systems enables everyone in your audience to catch the action wherever they may be seated and regardless of weather conditions. Even in direct outdoor light conditions, under bright camera or stage lighting, these large-scale daylight screens offer a bold, clear image display.

A wide range of LED options are available for you to choose your pixel pitch between 3mm and 18mm, configuration and scale depending on your application.


​The use of highly experienced technical AV personnel ensures the best possible support structure for our clients, giving you access to substantial resources and maximum flexibility.


Both outdoor and indoor eveWhether supplying a standalone service to the Events Industry, or working hand in hand with the other Gearhouse divisions, Gearhouse Riggings rental service provides the very specialised rigging expertise and rigging equipment to ensure efficient and safe "flying" of Sound, Lighting, Sets and Audio-Visual equipment.

With the largest stockholding of events rigging equipment in Southern Africa, Gearhouse Rigging can facilitate virtually any rigging requirement imaginable.


All our rigging rental equipment is regularly checked and certified by qualified personnel in accordance with local and international safety standards to ensure that you, your performers and your audience are completely safe; always!


If you have any questions or would like to request a quote, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Our friendly team is always available to assist you with your set and event requirements.



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