Power Hire and Services

Both Outdoor and Indoor events require a power source which is reliable and consistent, whether from Grid (Eskom) Power or from Generator. Without Power, your event simply cannot happen and Gearhouse’s Power team is fully qualified to take care of this element of the show. Our electrical distribution design ensures that should one section of the reticulation trip, sufficient power will remain operational while the fault is identified, isolated and the tripped section re-energised. Gearhouse Power’s design philosophy is that the “show must go on”.

For all events, when local power is insufficient for the requirements of the event, is unstable, or the proximity of power is a concern; Generator power is often the main power source for the event - especially on outdoor events. Increasingly, however, indoor events are now also deploying generators for back up or just in case of a general power outage.

Gearhouse’ Power division supplies mobile trailer-mounted generators from 30kVA to 500kVA. The generators are silenced to between 70 and 80 dB (at a distance of 10 meters) and provide a clean, stable and reliable electrical supply wherever your event takes place.

Different configurations may be applied to suit the power needs of your event:

  • Synchronised to run in parallel i.e. one generator backing up the other. Should one generator fail, the second or third machine will automatically take the load, (size and capacity is determined by the load required)
  • Cascading machines i.e. as and when the event requires more power the additional machines come on line or shut down as needed. This saves on running costs and fuel and is mainly used when power is required continually over 24hrs (e.g. on an amusement park/trade fair) but where the power needs differ at different times.

Where it is necessary to synchronise generators, Gearhouse Power can also configure supplies over 1000 Amps to as small as 32 Amp three-phase or 15 Amp single-phase, depending on your event’s specific needs. Gearhouse Power is well-versed in the specific power requirements required for the different disciplines such as Lighting, Sound, Audio-Visual and Daylight Screens and will also gladly assist with Venue Power for catering, air-conditioning, outdoor floodlighting and general, safety and emergency lighting as well.

On installation we will provide a Compliance Certificate that covers the entire power reticulation for safe operation.

Gearhouse can manage the power and electrical reticulation for the simplest to the most complex of events, and has handled major events such as the Afcon, Confederations and Soccer World Cups as well as many different types of concerts like 46664, Justin Bieber, Rolling Stones, U2, Brian Adams and numerous product launches and outdoor festivals.

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