“Tons” happening at Splitbeam


Splitbeam have been excited of late, as they welcome a further investment in Prolyft AETOS Motors, purchasing 13 x ¼ ton Motors, 40 x ½ Ton Motors and 47 x 1 Ton Motors, as well as 14 x 8-way motor controllers and 3 x 24-way handheld remotes to the Prolyft stockholding.

The purchase was made to facilitate an impending Theatre Tour that is starting in Manila in the Philippines, in Jan 2019. The tour has the potential to continue running for the next 3 years. 

Gearhouse Splitbeam already own a substantial stockholding of Prolyft motors so it made perfect sense to keep with the same brand and up their consignment to accommodate the growing demands of large theatre shows. 

“This time we went with double-brake motors, as we will be touring to countries with more stringent safety regulations than South Africa, so we need to be on top form to play in these spaces with the same international standards” states Splitbeam Director, Alistair Kilbee.

“I am very proud that once again Splitbeam have won a job against international rental competitors. It shows that we can deliver a world class product and that testifies to our industry delivering on par with International players. This can only be a good thing for the local industry.”

Story Liza Hooper

Photo Robyn Kilbee

Nov 15, 2018

The Gearhouse Group of Companies