Spotlight On: Zintle Fani


Zintle completed her studies in Media and Journalism at Rosebank College in 2008-2009. 

On leaving varsity life, she was fortunate to find an opportunity to become a freelance journalist, working for a community newspaper called Ekurhuleni Times.

However, she soon realised it was not her calling and decided to pursue her studies in Public Relations instead. With her curious nature she has always set her sights on researching various trends and meeting people from various walks of life, to help guide her in her personal and career advancements.

In 2010 she worked for ABI as an Admin Manager which proved to be a highlight in her early career days. From there she was offered a position at Emperor's Palace, where she started an internship in 2011, while continuing with her qualification In Public Relations.  

During the upcoming six-month internship, she made a great impression among her fellow colleagues. Showing great promise, accompanied by hard work ensured that she was soon offered a permanent position as an Events Assistant.

With the vision of gaining more experience in the events sector, she kept her sights on the dream of being the PR link within the company. “Seeing myself growing from an assistant to Events Administrator was a great motivator for me” says Zintle.

In 2013, she joined the Legends Golf and Safari resort team as an internal Sales member, but looking for more of a challenge, she ultimately ended up back at Emperor's Palace. 

This time round she had the opportunity to fill the position of Senior Events Coordinator.

Also pairing up with the Professional Conference Organisers, her dreams were on the horizon, and this step gave her the confidence she needed to excel at her duties. Unfortunately, she had to leave Emperors to take care of a family business, so that chapter came to a close.

During that time, she received a call from Gearhouse, and I guess the rest we can say is history!

“Moving over to Gearhouse was an education, of note, technically speaking that is.. but having a sales background helped pave the way to get where I am today in my current role as Sales Executive.” However, her hardworking nature has her already setting future goals towards becoming a Project Manager, sometime in the future.

Accepting challenges as a learning curve, she continues to push herself to do her best because her attitude is what builds strong client relationships. With her experience in the Hospitality, Food and Beverage and Media industries, Zintle has a well balanced mix of skills. Top that with the technical aspects of the live events industry and she is going for gold !

Aug 23, 2018

The Gearhouse Group of Companies