Spotlight on: Liza Hooper


Loves: Creative thinking and coming up with designs that convey the idea or concept in a fun innovative way. Visual communicator. Avid photographer and follower of all that’s creative and different.

Obsessed with: Art and off-the wall ideas. Knowledge and people. Photography, nature, cooking and rock/house music. Being the best mother I can for my children, someone to look up to.

Personality traits: Enthusiastic and entertaining, a typical “creative” trying to bring a positive fun element to work and life in general. A bit of a risk taker, nothing wrong with failing or falling down, it’s the getting up again that shows your true strength and character.

Accomplishments: Being a mother and loving what I do as a profession. I hope to be a master in my field some day and to get back to my dream of being an author and creative artist in various spheres.

Did you know: I’m a single mother of 2 gorgeous kids, with a passion for writing and inspiring others. My spare time activities include gardening and cooking and painting (ceramic art at the moment). I started my career as a receptionist, after studying graphic design at Wits. From there I spent over a decade in the fashion industry as a merchandiser, designer and then buyer - with a hand in the marketing and advertising side of things for the business. 

Goals: To make a difference through my creativity, and make people participate and think. Inspiring a positive change both at Gearhouse and personally. Life is too short and fragile to ignore the things that you are passionate about.

With positive energy following you, strive to be the greatest YOU you can be.

Feb 25, 2019

The Gearhouse Group of Companies