Having had the opportunity to realise an education in three different countries, gain experience and later obtain training at Link Academy to become a manager and now having become the Operations Manager at one of the biggest suppliers of sound, lighting and staging equipment in Africa, 48-year-old Fodo Mandla Mathe remains humble and continues to appreciate the interactions he has with those around him at work and in his personal life. “I joined Gearhouse where I started working as a workshop tech. After ten years I became a workshop manager and a year later I became an HOD.” 

Fodo had found a lot of experience working for many divisions within Gearhouse. He spent most of his time working for structures which was formerly known as Stage Design. “I decided to pursue a career in the power department where I stayed from 1996-2006 as a freelancer and after ten years, I joined Gearhouse on a permanent basis.”

Fodo has worked tirelessly at Gearhouse for nearly 20 years and remains filled with passion for his job. Being new in his position Fodo never hides from making it known when he feels that he is in need of help and never pushes anyone away who is in need of help from him, “I am an ambitious man who loves to take on a challenge, Gearhouse has taught me to dedicate one hundred percent of my time to every task that is given to me and any challenge that I come across, I face head on.” 

With all the effort and time, he puts into his work, Fodo never forgets his family and the love and tranquillity they bring to his life “I am a man with both boy and girl children and we find peace and solace in our house which is situated in Cosmo City. I spend a lot of time with my family, that’s my happy place, I do not have a lot of hobbies but the one that I am very proud of and can never leave behind is my love for soccer. I am a big supporter of Mamelodi Sundown’s and Liverpool.” 

Fodo Mandla Mathe is a great example of one who has never given up regardless of the situation he is in. He has fought through those obstacles to reach the pinnacle he has currently accomplished with his drive and determination. For Fodo the sky is the limit! 

Story by - Kelebogile Sedumedi

Photo - Gearhouse Group

May 14, 2018

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