LD Robert Grobler on Robe’s RoboSpot


Robert Grobler, senior lighting designer at Gearhouse South Africa, a technical supplier to the live event industry, test drove Robe’s RoboSpots on a few events including gospel singer Benjamin Dube’s latest DVD recording and at Castle Lite Unlocks featuring Post Malone and Meek Mill.

The RoboSpot is a groundbreaking remote follow spot system that allows control of up to 12 fixtures simultaneously … without the safety concerns of placing personnel into the rafters of venues to operate heavy ‘traditional’ follow spot fixtures.

Spectacular visual displays are now possible with up to 12 perfectly synchronised Robe fixtures per RoboSpot BaseStation following a performer across the stage.

Operators can control multiple fixtures like the Robe BMFL FollowSpot / FollowSpot LT, BMFL Spot, BMFL Blade, BMFL WashBeam, BMFL WashBeam EV, Esprite, Esprite FS, T1 Profile, T1 Profile FS, DL7S, DL4S, iPointe, MegaPointe, Pointe, Viva CMY, SilverScan, Tarrantula, Spiider and LEDBeam 150 from any location within a venue or performance space, also reducing set-up times and operating costs.

“The first time I used the RoboSpot system was in December 2018, on Black Coffee’s Music is King concert, and since then, the development of both hardware and software has made it an even more flexible option,” said Robert.

Robe BMFL Blades used as RoboSpots were strong and powerful for lighting designers working on the Meek Mills and Post Malone performance at the Castle Lite Unlocks concert in Johannesburg.

“I also used two Robe BMFL Blades as remote spots for Benjamin Dube’s latest DVD recording at Time Square’s Sun Arena in Pretoria” further explained Robert.

“The fact that we could switch between using the BMFL Blades as follow-spots or just as a standard lighting unit, was amazing! We flipped between using them as follow spots or as part of the rig a lot.”

“The RoboSpot system also allows you to position fixtures for a perfect follow spot angle without any spill onstage ” says Robert, who believes this is the future of follow spot lighting.

Photos: Anriette van Wyk, Kief Kreativ

Article : DWR Distribution

Nov 18, 2019

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