Gearhouse get behind ARX Systems in South Africa


Gearhouse, the leading supplier to the live event industry in South Africa, have made a significant investment in the ARX Systems brand over the past year, so much so that these unique, problem solving audio USB interfaces have become an essential addition to their live production toolkit. In total Gearhouse have purchased 10 ARX USB DI VC PLUS, 10 ARX USB DI HP and 6 ARX USB DI audio interfaces from Octave Distribution, the distributor for the ARX Systems product range in South Africa, to take care of their digital to analogue conversion needs.

In fact, the ARX products have made such a good impression that Gearhouse Operations Manager Stuart Andrews named the ARX USB DI HP as his ‘Product of the Year’ in a recent magazine survey. On the benefits of this particular product with the added headphone output, he commented ‘(the USB DI HP) has made bad PC audio feeds a thing of the past. It may seem a small, innocuous piece of technology, but it is a vital part of any show that we do’.

The Gearhouse Group is a collection of companies, branches and divisions that fit together to provide the widest range of technical services currently available to the live event industry in South Africa. With a portfolio that includes live touring, corporate events, concerts, rental and installation, the company prides itself on their creativity, state of the art technology and experience.

The ARX products that Gearhouse have chosen for their inventory are ‘Plug in and Play’ USB Audio interfaces and each feature an inbuilt 24bit High Resolution digital to analog converter (DAC) which removes the need to use the existing computer internal sound card outputs with their inherent noise and distortion. The USB DI Plus VC is a Dual Mode (Digital and Analog) audio interface with the addition of volume control. The USB DI and USB DI HP are dual channel interfaces with full transformer balanced output isolation to eliminate earth loops / ground hum and other extraneous interaction noise and distortion.

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Story reprinted courtesy ARX Systems, Melbourne

May 8, 2018

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